About Travis

Travis Buster is a poet like a Leonard Cohen, with a smooth, easy voice and romantic charm of a Tony Bennett, vivid, memorable songwriting craft of a Bob Dylan, sprinkle in some Guy Clark and layer all that on piano chops in a league of their own.  He is an original.

"Travis plays the piano like Picasso paints a canvas!"  David Card - owner, Poor David's Pub

"Superb piano skills." Slade - Austin 
"Your music and the lyrics are so powerfully beautiful!" Ann - Dallas 
"The most beautiful music I have ever heard!" Justine - California  

Travis has been writing and playing piano for a lifetime.

The songs meet you where you are. Travis shares a lifetime of pouring pleasure and pain into the piano and song, producing some beautiful music with memorable, meaningful lyrics.  Travis was pursued by the finest music schools but became an entrepreneur while still playing piano and writing what he was experiencing. Travis  and his wife Wendy have been together since high school. He shares the music in intimate venues. 

Travis and Wendy live on a horse ranch in Texas with multiple generations of family.

You can visit our ranch at www.valleyviewranch.net

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